Artesano Galleria

In the middle of Inglewood’s 9th Avenue hub lies a shop with two bay windows through which the most fascinating and unlikely products can be seen. Enter through the door of bay one, into a room filled with delightful collectibles – everything from signed vintage prints to curious figurines, custom collectible statues and quirky treasures. Enter bay two and you’re overwhelmed with quaint kitchenware, unique teapots and funky aprons.

If you can make it past the alluring tools and trinkets upstairs, there are even more treasures to be discovered below. Downstairs boasts a collection of unusual furniture and garden accessories the owner, Wendy Bach, has been carefully curating for clientele for 15 years. Where else can you go to purchase a set of colourful kitchen knives and leave with a tractor barstool?

Needless to say, if you’re looking for something interesting, unexpected or just plain awesome, look no further than Artesano Galleria.


1215 9th Ave SE





June 1, 2015