City Fit

CityFit is not your typical gym. It’s a fitness hub. With a philosophy that working out shouldn’t be dull, and CityFit is anything but. Whether it’s the stretch of astroturf perfect for sprints, tractor tires for strength training, or the fully customized jungle gym, CityFit is there to help you break the monotony of an everyday gym experience.

“It’s not [about] doing the [same] repetitive motions over and over again,” owner Carl MacDonald is quick to point out. “It’s about working your body in the most efficient way possible. We derive a lot of our exercises from the Strong Men competitions, which allows for the whole body to get a work out.”

Carl began in the fitness industry as a trainer in a classic gym. He quickly saw the flaw in the system. “The best trainers don’t last long in those gyms. They are given a client, not based on the clients needs or their skill, but because they were next in line, and that’s not helping anybody.”

As a member of CityFit, you are carefully assessed and paired with fitness professionals who match your health and personality needs. CityFit requires non-SoBow residents to use personal fitness services, conducted one-on-one or as part of a group.

But as a member of the SoBow community, you will have the flexibility of using the CityFit exercise complex, with the additional attention of a personal trainer, if you wish.

CityFit is an exclusive, tailored service, unique to SoBow. Located in Phase One of the SoBow project, you are sure to fall in love with the concept of personalized, flexible fitness, and will wonder how you lived, until now, without it.

Location: 17 Inglewood Park SE

Phone: 403.453.0033

Hours: 6:30am – 7:00pm


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May 20, 2015