Just like Inglewood itself, DaDe is the perfect hybrid of old and new. From ancient Chinese artifacts to the newest line of art-inspired shoelaces, DaDe offers an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic art.

“We think of Inglewood as an eclectic urban paradise, it is the place where we chose to live and work” says Greg Fraser, who founded DaDe with fellow curator Darcy Lundgren.

Greg and Darcy refer to themselves as curators of art and lifestyle pieces that they search the world to discover. The diversity of their experiences is evident: “We represent 31 Artists from all over North America. We have had some incredible pieces come through. In fact, one piece that we were the first ever to show is now being shown in New York and museums around the world.”

With over 60 exclusive lines, DaDe is sure to have the exact piece to complete your home. DaDe also offers renovation and whole house design services. “We can work with you all the way from conception to helping to find the plates to fill your cupboard.”


1327 9 Ave SE




11:00am – 6:00pm


June 1, 2015