It’s about doing the right thing and not just doing things right. Inglewood and its unique collection of historic resilient buildings have stood the test of time over challenging times in the last 140 years. While SoBow is early in its making, it is truly a story of revival and ensuring the decisions we make today create value for the entire community, its residents and Inglewood itself, over the long term.

While it’s easy to compromise on quality to lower costs, we at M2i believe Calgarians continue to recognize and pay for quality when they see it. We stand by our discipline and commitment to smart design using durable and resilient elements that will stand the test of time.  This will enhance our reputation while allowing you to enjoy your home and value appreciation in the long term.

Whether by assessing our price point per square foot or comparing our standard specifications, no other inner-city condominium project comes close to the value we offer at SoBow.


May 21, 2015