Many longtime Calgarians would agree: Spolumbo’s not only makes a great deli sandwich, they also make a great neighbor. It was over 20 years ago that the three first-generation, Italia-Canadian friends followed their dream and open a humble 10 seat restaurant in the heart of Inglewood. Today, Spolumbo’s is a bonafide Calgary success story, their delectable sausages, breads, sandwiches and soups loved by all of Western Canada. The original Inglewood deli now hosts more than 100 seats, none of which remain empty for long at lunchtime.

Spolumbo’s success may also be attributed to the company’s traditional family values and their community involvement. Spolumbo’s is often recognizable at many charitable and fundraising events for organizations, youth sports and education in Inglewood and surrounding communities.

From humble beginnings to one of Calgary’s most beloved restaurants, Spolumbo’s has become a busting hotspot synonymous with the community spirit of Inglewood.


1308 9th Ave SE




8:00 am – 5:30 pm


June 1, 2015